Why choose a Bright Start Multi Sports class for your child?

  • Classes are fun, varied and engaging!
  • A different sport is taught each week (10 sports and seasonal specials!)
  • All sessions are taught by experienced teachers.
  • Join a class at any time of the year, you will receive a warm welcome!
  • Plenty of high qualify, age-appropriate equipment to ensure maximum participation.
  • Activities reinforce Early Years Foundation Stage fundamentals- number, shape, colour and letter recognition and complement the Key Stage 1 and 2 PE national curriculum.   
  • Classes provide children with the opportunity to practice working in larger groups, sharing, taking turns and communication skills.
  • You won’t have the hassle and cost of joining lots of different clubs, we will cover a wide range of activities to suit all interests and abilities.
  • Both parents and children will make new friends.
  • From experience we know that children all respond to classes very differently, some will dive straight in whilst others will take a while to warm up to the class routine. We focus on pressure free fun!

What to expect in each class

When you arrive to a class you will be given a Bright Start Sports bib for your child to wear (if they are not a fan of putting it on, no problem!), we feel the bibs help children to feel part of the team. There will be music and equipment set out for children to play with as we wait a couple of minutes for everyone to arrive. We begin each class with stretching, mobilisation, and movement to music, this is led by the coaches and children copy the actions. We then get straight into the sport for the week, with a few very short drinks breaks throughout the session. Each class then finishes with an obstacle course related to the sport covered that week.   

How it works and how much it costs

Head to the find a class near you page to see when and where our classes are held.

Either book a 3-week trial or sign up right away!

3-week trials cost £9.99

When you sign up you will be asked to pay a one-off £16.45 membership fee which includes a Bright Start Sports T-shirt for your child to wear to each class.  

Classes cost £25.50 per month, your monthly subscription can be stopped at any time, we want you to come to classes because you love them, not because you are stuck in a contract.


For the trial classes please dress your child in comfortable clothing and trainers ready for lots of activity. Once your Bright Start Sports t-shirt arrives, please wear that to each class. Bright Start shorts and jumpers will soon be available to purchase if you wish. 

Parent involvement

Classes can provide a great opportunity for quality time together with your child as they learn new skills and enjoy being active. Depending on the age and confidence of your child you may want to join in for parts of the session or the whole thing, equally you may want to enjoy a well-deserved sit down for 45 minutes!



Feel free to bring younger or older siblings to classes. Some venues have enough space for us to set out a small matting area with toys for little ones. If you have your hands full, we usually have two coaches per class, we can help your child if they would like some extra support.